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Green Ocean

Green Ocean

Oil spills are everyday events that can occur at any point in the production process. Stay prepared with Green Ocean’s revolutionary new sorbent solutions. Our technology delivers the fastest, most efficient oil spill cleanup on the market. It works in any temperature, from the arctic cold to the heat of the equator. Because oil can be removed and the material reused, we eliminate wasted oil and disposal costs while protecting fragile ecosystems

Green Ocean is global company supplying products worldwide. Our production and engineering capacities are located in Riga, Latvia. We offer full range of finished and custom-made products to keep you prepared for spill .

Green Ocean continues to design and engineer new products to improve your effectiveness and response to both large and small spill incidents.

Our sorbents are certified by CEDRE (Center of Documentation, Research and Experimentation on Accidental Water Pollution of France Government)


Our mission is to protect and care for the environment. Our finished products made of mineral natural materials, and our superior technologies minimize the impact of spill.

Green Ocean is proud to participate in the global movement to switch to truly “green” technologies. We believe producing excellent results and protecting ecosystems are equally and vitally important.

Our R&D group constantly improves our technologies. Our aims are to combine containment booms with absorbents booms and to make oil removal a fully recyclable process by reusing absorbents.

What our clients say about our products
Green Ocean Products offer new technical capabilities like never seen before. "
Booms and mats of Green Ocean are durable
and work well at severe cold conditions "
Stena oil
Gothenburg, Sweden