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Spill Prevention Shield for Unpaved Parking Zone

Do you know that the main reason for land and underground waters contamination are not massive oil spills, as awkward as it may sound, but the small everyday leaks? Fuels and oils leaking from cars, leaking above ground fuel storages, leaking power transformers… the list is endless. We at Green Ocean came up with a […]


Oil Spill Guide – what you need to know about oil spills and how to prevent them

What is an oil spill, how it usually happens and why it happens Oil spills are usually thought of in the marine environment, as the release of petroleum into the water. However, there is more than one type of oil spill. Oils are used in many industries and they spill a lot. There are oil […]


New partnership Green Ocean – Wolftank Adisa

Green Ocean signed a distribution agreement with Wolftank Adisa Group (Austria) for innovative spill prevention technology: Spill Prevention Shield – easy-to-install cost-effective spill prevention system. In the heart of the system is a mineral mat, 1 square meter of which holds up to 300 liters of oil. The Shield is used in various industries: at […]


Come and see us at PetroTranse, Kassel, Germany!

We will be presenting our new spill kits and super light granulated absorbent, which is 28x more absorptive than clay! Come and check our products! We are at the booth #H2-C13


Visit us at Contamination Expo!

Green Ocean exhibits its new technology for Spill Prevention at Contamination Expo, Birmingham, UK, September 12-13, 2018. 100% natural Green Ocean Spill Prevention Mat locks oils inside and leaves the land clean from petrochemical products. I mat of 1 sq.m holds up to 300 liters of oil. Visit us at the booth 5N103 for more […]


New Granulated Absorbent. 28x times more absorbent than clay, but costs the same!

Green Ocean introduces 100% eco-friendly granulated absorbent. Forget about bulky sacks with clay: 40 kg sack absorbs 26 liters of oil. Green Ocean granules weight just 2 kg and absorb 30 liters!  Absorbs all kind of oils and chemicals The light 2 kg pack can be used by anyone anywhere Natural. Safe for health and […]


Prevention of Oil Spills

Our COO speaks about oils spills in Russia and how important it is not just to stop spills that already happen, but to prevent them! 


Green Ocean is part of Seabin Project

We are proud to be a part of Seabin Project for Cleaner Oceans! Together with The Seabin project we are testing our unique absorbing filter built in Seabin catch bag!


One more partner on board!

Zirax is one of the leading international chemical groups operating at Oil & Gas, De-icing, Food and Industrial business segments.