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GREEN OCEAN provides a full range of 100% eco-friendly products for spill response

At the heart of all products is our unique patented filler – a revolutionary
material made of natural fibers with nano reinforcement, which helps clean
spills faster and in a more efficient way.

Green Ocean Spill Prevention Shield

  • Absorbs oils and protects the ground
  • Fireproof, non-flammable
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Resistant to all weather conditions
  • Fully compliant with SPCC Plan
  • Used materials can be easily replaced
  • 100% eco-friendly

Green Ocean Spill Prevention Shield Leaflet

1 cubic/m of absorbent weights just 70 kg

  • 1 mat absorbs 435 liters of fuel
  • 100% non-combustible hydrophobic mat
  • Resistant to all weather conditions
  • Easy to install and remove
  • The used material can be easily replaced
  • Extremely long durability
  • Meets with legislation
  • Reduces cleanup time and cost

Green Ocean Spill Shield for Wind Turbines

  • Absorbs oil and protects ground
  • For offshore and onshore wind turbines and power generators
  • Fireproof, non-flammable
  • 100% hydrophobic
  • Easy to install and remove


The stitched mat is placed on the water surface and reduce up to 90% of daily evaporation from the open reservoirs

  • Hydrophobic, air breathing system
  • Repels UV rays
  • Perfect insulating material

What is Green Ocean’s solutions?

Cut costs

Investments in GO systems reduces costs for damaging treatment and recovery processes


All GO solutions are easy to install and remove, no need for special equipment. GO filler does not degrade when exposed to environmental conditions.

Absorb 3 times more

1 gram of GO fiber absorbs up to 50 gram of oil.

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