Green Ocean signed a distribution agreement with Wolftank Adisa Group (Austria) for innovative spill prevention technology: Spill Prevention Shield – easy-to-install cost-effective spill prevention system. In the heart of the system is a mineral mat, 1 square meter of which holds up to 300 liters of oil. The Shield is used in various industries: at Above Ground Storages, Electrical Utilities, Railroads, and Fuel Stations.

Wolftank Adisa Group successful operates in the oil and chemical industry for over 30 years. Company’s mission is to protect the air and groundwater. The efficiency of Wolftank products and systems is appreciated by over 11 000 customers all over the world.  The company offers solutions for tank lining and corrosion protection. Wolftank Adisa’s ultimate goal is the sustainable protection of the environment and, along with that, the maintenance of clients’ assets. With this Green Ocean’s Spill Prevention Shield perfectly fits into Wolftank Adisa product range.