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Spill Prevention

Prevent spills with cost-effective and easy to install solutions. Spill prevention shield should be placed around oil rigs, power generators, wind turbines.

Rapid spill Response

Oil spills are everyday events. Stay prepared with Green Ocean’s revolutionary sorbent solutions: fastest, most efficient oil spill cleanup on the market.

Maintenance Absorbents

Control leaks, drips and spills at your working place. Stay safe with from slips with 100% eco-friendly Green Ocean absorbents. Absorb all industrial liquids.


An extensive range of kits for the provision of an emergency response to spills on land and water.

Soil Remediation

Revolutionary Granulated Absorbent - Absorbs up to 50X it’s weight. Mix granulated Green Ocean absorbent with contaminated soil to reduce class hazard and significantly cut the total weight of treated soil towards transportation.

Evaporation Control

Place Green Ocean mat on the water surface and reduce up to 90% of daily evaporation from open reservoirs.