Bought Minecraft But Can Only Play Demo Version

Hello, friends; today,I will tell you how to fix Minecraft demo version problem in this post. Most of you are frustrated 😤 by the same question, i.e., bought Minecraft but can only play the demo version. Do not worry; I will help you to fix this issue; follow the steps carefully.

how to check if you have paid minecraft java edition or windows 10

I will tell you two methods to fix the demo version issue of the game.

Method One

First of all, we have to check whether we have the right version of Minecraft java edition or not. It is straightforward to check the paid version of the Minecraft java edition on windows 10.

  1. Go to
  2. sign in with your minecraft account

If you see the buy now button, it means you do not have any paid version of the game. Now it is time to buy the game in your account to fix the issue.

But if you see Download the game button as shown in the image above, then congratulations, you already own a paid version.

Now our part to fix the problem with the game has been fixed on the Minecraft website. Now it’s time to get to the second method.

Method Two

Now open the game launcher and go to accounts.

In the accounts section, you will see the account you are signed in with for the Minecraft account.

As you can see, I am signed in with a Minecraft account, and this is the issue. Now Minecraft is migrating all the accounts to Microsoft accounts.

Now sign out of this account and sign in with your Microsoft account.

That all, as you can see after signing in to your Microsoft account, you will be able to play the paid version of the game.

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